• As a secondary teacher, you can contribute to the development and further the growth of young adults and share your passion for your chosen teaching areas.
    Why choose this course?
    Earth and environmental science teachers can help students to become active citizens who understand that the Earth is an amazing place. Earth science develops an understanding of Earth materials, the natural processes acting in and upon our planet, and its history. Environmental science provides an in-depth knowledge of the Earth‘s natural resources and an understanding of the mechanisms, natural processes and human impacts that shape environmental systems. Teachers have the chance to link classroom learning to students’ real experiences through fieldwork opportunities.
    You will be a qualified specialist in your teaching areas and learn to effectively teach subjects in the Australian Curriculum and other frameworks. You’ll be encouraged to create future-focussed learning opportunities for your students and be equipped with positive strategies to manage your classrooms.
    Flexible delivery
    You can choose to study either part time or full time. If you choose to study part time, evening classes may be available for some units.
    Real-world learning
    QUT organises professional experience placements to give you the opportunity to work in real school classrooms, supervised by practising professional educators. At QUT you may be selected for additional opportunities to spend more time in schools and other settings to gain extra experience.
    Career outcomes
    Graduates will have a solid foundation of knowledge to teach in secondary schools. Your career will be guided by, but not limited to, your chosen teaching areas. Teachers develop a range of skills which, in combination with work experience and personal qualities, equip them for a variety of career paths. Your qualification can also allow you to work in other locations in Australia and overseas.
    Professional recognition
    This course is currently being updated and undergoing re-accreditation with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, and the Queensland College of Teachers. Please check this page for the latest updates.
    Advanced standing
    Mid-year offers
    If you receive a mid-year QTAC offer, that offer decision does not determine which units you are eligible for, and you will need to apply for advanced standing within ten days on receiving your QTAC offer.
    If you intend to apply for advanced standing (credit) you can view more information and find out how to apply.
    Course requirements
    Blue card
    Student teachers must undergo a criminal history check prior to undertaking professional experience in a school or centre, or undertaking activities in any unit which may involve contact with children or young people (under 18 years). For Queensland and international placements a blue card must be obtained. In other Australian states and territories you must fulfil the local requirements for working with children. As a QUT student, you can apply for a blue card through QUT for free. Submit your blue card application to HiQ as soon as you’ve received your offer.
    Literacy and numeracy
    You will need to successfully complete the National Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students to graduate from the course. The test will assess your personal literacy and numeracy skills. QUT provides you with one reimbursement to cover the cost of the test.
    Information is available from the additional course requirements and costs website.

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