• Bachelor of Design (Landscape Architecture)
    In this course you will learn about landscape systems and to understand the complexity of landscape in relation to the creation of outdoor spaces with positive cultural and environmental impact.
    Our landscape architecture course is relevant and informed by the latest research. You’ll work on real-world landscape design projects in practical studio settings and involving community participation.
    We have a 50-year history as one of Australia’s principal landscape educators and our graduates are leading practitioners employed around the world.
    Our graduates find careers independently, in small partnerships or as a member of large multidisciplinary teams with other professionals such as architects, engineers, urban designers and town planners. You may work in private practice or in government areas at local, state and federal levels.
    You will be engaged primarily in site planning, site design, planting design and landscape planning. Careers include pathways to being an accredited landscape architecture, landscape designer, landscape technician, and landscape construction technician. Many graduates enjoy work in overseas practices.
    Bachelor of Science
    Challenge your thinking in science with real-world learning and relevant, up-to-date courses.
    Major in biological sciences, chemistry, earth science, environmental science or physics, and choose from a wide range of complementary or diverse study options to match your interests and aspirations.
    Be at the cutting edge of international science education with access to our multimillion dollar research and teaching facilities, including our Science and Engineering Precinct.
    Get real-world experience through work experience opportunities and our Vacation Research program. Study opportunities include student-led projects, international study tours, and access to experienced lecturers and industry representatives.

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