• Bachelor of Design (Interaction Design)
    This course prepares you for diverse and agile career pathways in design, technology and innovation. It focuses on cutting-edge design skills, knowledge and capabilities needed for a contemporary designer to work across multiple fields, practices and contexts.
    You’ll undertake a series of interaction design studios focusing on industry-leading practices in human centered design, design thinking, experience design, service innovation and augmented reality.
    Opportunities for industry work experience, international study tours and to network with design industry professionals nationally and internationally, will ensure you graduate with one of the most versatile and contemporary skill sets in the sector.
    Career pathways available to you beyond the design industries include roles in game design, information technology, health, education, science and engineering, as well as business and enterprise.
    You will be prepared for employment opportunities across interaction design industries and in roles that are yet to emerge, including in areas such as web and mobile app design, interface design, user experience (UX) design or interaction (IxD) design, wearable fashion technology, interactive exhibition design, health technology innovation, data visualisation, smart home and virtual reality environments design, robotics design, communication design, and many more.
    Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
    Study a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and gain access to multimillion dollar research facilities, as well as learning practical solutions that impact on the real world.
    With your combined interaction design and engineering skills you may work in fields including product design, product development, structural engineering, transport engineering and consultancy.
    Specialise and tailor your course to suit your own career aspirations. Study opportunities include student-led projects, international study tours, and access to multimillion dollar research facilities.
    As part of this course, you must choose one of the following majors:
    civil engineering
    computer and software systems
    electrical and aerospace engineering
    electrical engineering
    mechanical engineering
    medical engineering
    chemical process engineering.

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