• Architecture engages with the design, theory and practice of making spaces and environments for human activity. The profession of architecture has an extensive history as a practice and academic discipline. Workplace experience and learning is still a requirement for professional registration and recognition of architects.
    If you are interested in creating things, buildings and spaces, technology, art and design, a career in architecture may be for you.
    Why choose this course?
    Your architecture and design degree at QUT focuses on sustainable systems and the application of advanced digital design tools to address sustainability. Your study is supported by the integration of teaching, practice and research.
    Architecture at QUT is increasingly recognised internationally for its service to the advancement of the discipline, and its focus on innovation in design and sustainable development, which requires new approaches to constructing and retrofitting cities. We inspire and empower you to create environments with a positive impact on human health, environmental quality, social relationships and urban systems.
    You will undertake architectural design projects with a practical edge which will require you to think logically about how buildings function and are constructed. Designers learn and develop these skills in synthesis with innovative and creative thinking. Explore attitudes, theories, philosophies and practices through projectbased architectural design units, conducted in a studio setting.
    Career outcomes
    Graduates can find employment in the fields of architecture and building design. Upon completion of the one-year Master of Architecture and the required period of practical experience, graduates are eligible to sit for registration as an architect in Australia.
    Professional recognition
    This course, along with the Master of Architecture course, has received full accreditation from the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia, and full recognition from the Australian Institute of Architects.

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