• Construction managers are responsible for the coordination and supervision of the construction of large and often complex building projects such as low-rise and high-rise apartments, hotels, factories, office blocks, commercial buildings, schools and hospitals.
    Why choose this course?
    The construction management course at QUT is considered one of the best in Australia and is highly ranked internationally. The course provides you with skills to manage resources (plant, materials, subcontractors and labour) and equips you to obtain meaningful employment. You will develop skills in the broad foundations of construction management, such as measurement and estimating, site management, scheduling and programming, and technical communications.
    Construction management teaching staff at QUT have real-world experience in a variety of practical and theoretical contexts, and maintain engagement with industry professionals and organisations. You will regularly attend lectures and tutorials often delivered by the industry’s best frontline professionals. You will also undertake professional practice, learn problem-solving techniques using specific case studies and attend site visits to become a valuable work-ready graduate.
    Career outcomes
    A construction management degree can facilitate your path to a challenging and interesting career, with the prospects of extremely high job satisfaction and financial rewards. You may be employed in private organisations such as large construction and development companies or consultancies, or government departments.
    As a graduate you may be required to supervise construction, coordinate subcontractors’ plant, materials and equipment, estimate costs and quantities of materials needed and plan construction methods and procedures. You will also help to ensure that the requisite standards of building performance, quality, cost schedules and safety are achieved, in accordance with the building contract documents, and that building projects under your supervision are completed— on time, to budget and of the required standard of quality.
    Professional recognition
    The course is accredited by the Australian Institute of Building.
    Work Integrated Learning
    You are required to undertake 80 days of approved construction management work experience as part of your Work Integrated Learning core unit.

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