• The planet is changing. New technology is emerging. Architects are facing exciting challenges and creating amazing structures that are inspiring the cities of the future. How we live and work tomorrow will be very different to today. And architects are setting the direction.
    Why choose this course?
    Take on the challenge
    Our architecture course is increasingly being recognised internationally for its focus on innovation in design and sustainable development. You’ll be inspired and empowered to create environments with a positive impact on human health, environmental quality, social relationships and urban systems. You will study sustainable systems and undertake architectural design projects in practical studio settings.
    Create practical solutions
    Throughout your degree, you will undertake architectural design projects with a practical edge which will require you to think logically and creatively about how buildings function and are constructed.
    Career outcomes
    Graduates can find employment in the fields of architecture and building design. Progress onto the proposed two year Master of Architecture and gain the required practical experience to become an architect.

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