• The Bachelor of Speech Pathology prepares students for entry into professional speech pathology practice. Speech pathologists assess and treat adults and children exhibiting acquired or congenital disorders of speech, fluency, voice, language and swallowing.

    This distinctive course aims to educate students to become knowledgeable, skilled, empathetic, ethical and innovative professionals who are able to provide effective speech pathology assessment and intervention for people of different ages.

    The course contains industry-specific and inter-professional units of study. A mix of theory units are combined with simulated learning and clinical practicum opportunities across the four-year course.

    Major areas of study:
    The Bachelor of Speech Pathology enables students to develop an understanding of the theoretical and practical components of speech pathology, with a focus on both general and specialist knowledge and skills. Arts and science-based units are included in the course, for example phonetics and linguistics, audiology and neurology for speech pathology. Embedded throughout the course are principles of evidence-based practice, cultural competency, multi-modal communication and holistic perspectives of functioning.

    Professional recognition:
    The Bachelor of Speech Pathology is accredited by Speech Pathology Australia, the national professional and accrediting body. Students and graduates of the Bachelor of Speech Pathology will be eligible for membership of Speech Pathology Australia.

    Professional placement:
    Students can complete up to 1,000 hours of professional placement in various settings throughout the four years of study. These settings include but are not limited to the SCU Health Clinic on campus, public hospitals, private practice, community health, rehabilitation centres, aged care facilities, schools and rural health locations.
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