• The Bachelor of Podiatry prepares students for entry into professional podiatry practice. Podiatry is a branch of health care devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Within the field of podiatry, practitioners can focus on many different specialty areas, including surgery, sports medicine, biomechanics, geriatrics, paediatrics and primary care.

    The degree aims to educate students to become knowledgeable, skilled, empathetic, ethical and innovative professionals who are able to provide effective assessment and intervention for people of different ages, who exhibit health disorders.

    Major areas of study:
    The Bachelor of Podiatry enables students to develop an understanding of the theoretical and practical components of podiatry, with a focus on both general and specialist knowledge and skills. This includes broad subject areas including anatomy, patho-physiology, pharmacology, psychology and communication. As students move through the course, they study more specialised content including biomechanics, rehabilitation, dermatology, rheumatology and paediatrics.

    Professional recognition:
    The Bachelor of Podiatry is accredited with the Australian and New Zealand Podiatry Accreditation Council (ANZPAC). Graduates can seek national registration as podiatry practitioners with the Podiatry Board of Australia.

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