• Midwives are responsible for the care of women and babies
    during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labour, birth and the early
    infancy period. They provide direct clinical care and support
    for healthy women and babies and work collaboratively with
    doctors and other members of a multidisciplinary healthcare
    team when there are risks or complications.
    The Bachelor of Midwifery is specifically designed to develop
    graduates for entry to professional midwifery practice. The
    course prepares graduates with the skills and knowledge to
    provide high quality woman-centred care through safe and
    effective midwifery practice in accordance with the Australian
    Nursing and Midwifery Council National Competency
    Standards for the Midwife.
    Graduates are equipped to apply sound evidence-based
    reasoning skills to their midwifery practice; to work in
    continuity-of-care models in partnership with women; and to
    collaborate effectively in multidisciplinary teams to promote
    effective outcomes.

    Major areas of study
    Studies include:
    Anatomy and physiology
    Midwifery theory and
    Primary health care
    Psychosocial sciences
    Women’s health.

    Professional recognition:
    The Bachelor of Midwifery is approved by the Nursing and
    Midwifery Board of Australia and provides the necessary
    qualification for graduates to be eligible to register and
    practise as a midwife in Australia. (Further training is required
    to work as a privately-practising midwife.)

    Professional placement:
    Students are required to undertake about 1,000 hours of
    supervised placements that will enable them to focus on
    woman-centred care and provide continuity-of-care for
    women throughout their pregnancies; attend antenatal and
    postnatal assessments/visits with women; provide direct care
    to women during labour; assist women during birth; support
    women and their babies with diverse needs across pregnancy,
    labour and birth and the postnatal period; and experience the
    full scope of midwifery practice.
    For more information, including prerequisites and inherent
    requirements for attending placements,

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