• The Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality
    Management prepares students for a career in tourism and
    hospitality, providing a thorough understanding of tourism
    and hospitality management underpinned by core business
    This course combines a rigorous and contemporary
    curriculum with practical industry-based experience and
    the opportunity to develop professional networks. Students
    graduate with sought-after skills and knowledge for a career
    in the tourism and hospitality industries. A compulsory
    internship is a key feature of this course and counts as four
    core units of the degree. During this internship, students
    establish valuable industry experience, confidence and
    There are two pathways within this course. Students
    can either study elective units from a broad range of
    industry-specific topics (such as international destination
    management, cruise tourism, coastal and marine tourism,
    food and beverage management, event management, gaming
    management and sport tourism), or select one of three
    majors. This course offers an optional international exchange
    program for second-year students to study overseas.
    Major areas of study
    Tourism Management
    Hospitality Management
    Event Management.
    Our majors introduce students to a range of operational and
    managerial practices that are relevant to organisations within
    Australia and abroad.
    Please note that some units in these majors may only be
    available to study online.
    Professional placement
    A compulsory internship program, which counts as four
    core units of the degree, provides students with a block
    of practical workplace experience during their final study
    session that involves working in a hospitality, event or tourism
    organisation in Australia or overseas.
    Students are responsible for securing their internship
    placement and are given extensive assistance in interview
    and application procedures, access to a database of potential
    employers and roles, and ongoing support from the dedicated
    Work Integrated Learning team.
    Career opportunities
    Graduates typically find work in professional management
    positions in hotels and resorts, clubs and gaming operations,
    restaurants and catering, tourism destination planning and
    marketing, tourism policy development, ecotourism, visitor
    management, tourism retail management, tourist attractions
    and theme parks, conference and event operations.

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