• This course develops your understanding of and respect for Indigenous knowledges and the engagement of Indigenous people in the culture of academic research.

    You will study key issues surrounding, and protocols related to, research by and with Indigenous people.

    Research projects are drawn from both the requests of Indigenous community leaders, the involvement of academics in current research projects and community led projects and their subsequent related and independent interests.

    Studies focus on Indigenous peoples engagement in the economic use and management of land and water resources, exploration of the policy environment within which Indigenous people operate, issues of language and cultural maintenance and development.

    You are encouraged to be self-reflective and interrogate your attitude and practices in the light of the social and cultural diversity during your research.

    This program prepares you for any relevant degree program to engage in respectful and collaborative research activities in a wide range of disciplines that occur within the Australian cultural, historical, environmental and social contexts, with a particular focus upon Indigenous issues.

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