• Want to study medicine without moving down south? The Bachelor of Clinical Sciences is what you are looking for.

    This course is open to school leavers or higher education students who have studied for no more than one year and hold year 12 qualifications to study the Flinders University Doctor of Medicine (MD) taught in the Northern Territory.

    The Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (BCSC) is the first award of a double degree with Flinders University’s MD and, providing you meet the criteria for entry, guarantees entry into the Flinders University MD in the third year.

    You will develop a solid foundation in the fundamental health and medical-related sciences, building your knowledge, skills and confidence to move onto the Flinders MD.

    Completing the first year of the Flinders MD, which is also the third and final year of the BCSC, will give you the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences.

    This course is part of a double degree with the Doctor of Medicine (MD) through Flinders University and is accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) as an entry pathway into medicine.

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