• The Bachelor of Design (Honours) offers a practice-based and research-integrated approach to exploration of and experimentation in emerging interdisciplinary design practice. The studio-based course explores interdisciplinary areas of new technologies, interactivation, sustainability and innovation design. Students develop flexible thinking and responsive practice in the context of a rapidly changing technological and social environment.

    The course gives students an advanced, focused and transformative educational experience in a research-led teaching environment that is relevant to both industry and cultural needs. Graduates are equipped with the applicable competitive and innovative skills to meet the latest industry and research standards.

    Students can develop interdisciplinary design expertise at an honours level, building on competencies developed in their undergraduate degree and equipping them to move into emerging interdisciplinary areas of design specialisation and/or higher degree research.

    Students develop their capacity to make judgments about both their own work and that of others – a key step in becoming effective continuing learners and practitioners – by participating in self- and peer-assessment activities. Through a variety of interdisciplinary studios and industry-focused projects, students develop the flexibility and confidence to work in the diverse environment of contemporary practice.

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