• Tomorrow will always belong to people with ideas and the critical skills to challenge conventional thinking. Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Creative Industries will tailor to your specific goals by combining academic knowledge with practical real life training.

    Combine your studies in a range of Arts, Communication, Design and Music majors and be equipped with real life skills to take advantage of incredible career opportunities.

    Tailor your studies to your specific goals by combining our Bachelor of Arts degree with the Bachelor of Creative Industries degree.

    When you graduate after four years, you have two degrees, and the unique skills relevant to the contemporary employment environment.

    The Arts component combines academic knowledge with practical real life training. It is designed to equip you with a broad range of skills and knowledge in research and critical enquiry, and is sufficiently flexible to cater to a range of career aspirations and personal interests.

    In the Creative Industries component you will combine a core of entrepreneurship with major studies including culture and society, creative writing, design, enterprise innovation, journalism, literature, media arts, music performance and photo media.

    You will have the opportunity to develop projects with real creative industries and deliver solutions across a range of platforms.

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