• Providing specialist studies in international development
    The Master of Development Studies at UNSW is a flexible and interactive postgraduate degree that provides specialist studies in international development at the local, national and international level.

    This Masters program will suit the professional needs of those already working as development specialists, as well as providing an orientation to international development for those seeking entry into the field.

    Our postgraduate courses are based on a philosophy of human rights, social justice, community development and participatory approaches.

    Program outcomes
    The Master of Development Studies enables students to build diverse and rewarding career paths in local and international development, from practice-based roles to research and policy within education and government.

    Through your study, you will negotiate the analytic framework necessary to understand and negotiate the complexities of the geopolitical, economic, social, ethical, and cultural contexts in which development takes place.

    As a Development Studies student, you will study alongside a team of academics who are at the front line of national and international development practice.

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