• The Dean Scholar Program, designed specifically for high achieving students, offers direct entry into Honours (unlike the normal Bachelor of Science which delays selection for Honours until the completion of the third year) and additional enrichment opportunities.

    During the first three years students gain a comprehensive education in Science by selecting a major study and a range of elective subjects. The major areas of study comprise: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology and Physical Geography and Environmental Geosciences. The flexible structure of the major and electives allows students to design their study program to meet their particular interests and abilities. Students may combine their chosen Science major with a second major chosen from outside the Faculty, or with a range of elective subjects.

    All students are invited to participate in various enrichment activities throughout the program and, after the first year, to develop a close association with an appropriate member of one of the faculty’s research teams.

    Dean’s Scholar students have the opportunity to undertake individual research subjects. Students are normally required to achieve at least a Distinction average in subjects completed in a calendar year.

    In the final year, all students undertake a substantial piece of supervised research in their major discipline, together with other required seminar and/or course work. Graduates may then be eligible for enrolment into a research doctorate in their chosen field or into other postgraduate degrees. Those who do not qualify for direct entry to the advanced degree may gain admission via the Bachelor of Science, subject to satisfactory performance in first year and approval of the Head of Students or Associate Dean (Education).

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