• The Master of Applied Finance (Investing) is for students interested in acquiring an advanced understanding of investment and portfolio management.

    You will study the theory and practice of financial management and gain an understanding of the global financial system. Additionally, competing approaches to corporate governance and business ethics will be developed, and you will learn how to provide protection against portfolio, financial and corporate risks.

    Students are provided with realistic stock market simulations and are introduced to modern portfolio theory and practice with a focus on optimal investment decision-making. You will experience the pressure of live markets and learn how to manage portfolios through a portfolio simulation that allows you to trade shares, options, bonds, managed funds, international stocks with realistic stock market simulations.

    The degree if targeted at students who have a bachelor degree in Business, Engineering, Maths or IT, if you do not have an academic background in these areas you should consider studying the Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance.

    Students interested in a two-year Master of Applied Finance option should consider the Master of Applied Finance (Investing and Corporate Treasury).

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