• Our combined law undergraduate program is one of the most reputable in Australia and holds a strong standing overseas. International in focus and global in perspective, the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) will provide you with a legal education that prepares you for the challenges of the modern legal world. There has never been a greater demand for legal advice and innovative approaches to problem-solving, and studying law at the University of Sydney will equip you with the ability to think originally, creatively and logically, preparing you to move with confidence across national boundaries.

    The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree provides an outstanding liberal arts education that prepares you to meet the challenges of the modern workforce, where expertise, inventiveness, logic and critical thinking come to the fore. It offers broad choice across more than 45 subject areas, including a new minor in criminology and the ever popular media studies and global studies options. As an Arts/Law student, you will have the chance to explore your passions, interests and ambitions.
    Arts/Law students have the exclusive opportunity to undertake new majors in media studies and global studies as part of the University of Sydney’s new undergraduate curriculum. Media studies allows you to examine the history and theory of media production and communications, and acquire a formidable skillset in print, online and broadcast industries. Global studies equips you with the tools to understand globalisation and examine the impact of new technologies and practices on international relations.

    You study the BA over three years and complete the equivalent of the first year of the LLB at the same time. In years four and five, you will take the remaining compulsory and elective units of the LLB respectively. You complete a major area of study in the BA. If you wish to complete honours, you may do so in your fourth year of study, deferring your remaining law units until your fifth year of study.

    Our Bachelor of Laws is recognised for the purposes of satisfying the academic requirements for admission as a legal practitioner in New South Wales.

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