• The Bachelor of Development Studies provides opportunities to study the causes and consequences of unequal development and assess policy options for a more equitable and sustainable future. The Bachelor of Business explores all aspects of the contemporary business environment. The combined program builds on interdisciplinary understandings of uneven development and business practice and has a practical orientation, with students learning from case studies of uneven development and real business situations in Australian and internationally.

    Students will be able to pursue 4 interdisciplinary majors in the Bachelor of Development Studies:

    Cultures and Citizenship,
    Environmental Sustainability,
    Globalisation and Economic Development and
    Urban and Regional Development)
    with 8 complementary Bachelor of Business majors of:

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation;
    Governance, Policy and Political Economy;
    Human Resource Management;
    International Business;
    Leadership and Management;
    Sports Management;
    Tourism Management.
    The Development Studies component of this combined program is offered from the Newcastle – Callaghan campus. The Business component of this combined program is offered from the Newcastle – City location.

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