• Why study the Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management of Natural Hazards at UNE?
    The Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management of Natural Hazards takes a multidisciplinary approach to looking at natural hazards and how society can build resilience in the face of natural hazards. The course will build from a broad knowledge of natural hazard situations towards questions of policy development in the field of hazard mitigation. The course will cover the following topic areas:

    · Environmental factors that combine to produce natural hazards

    · The ecological, social and economic consequences of natural hazards and disasters

    · Methods relevant to studying aspects of natural hazards and disasters

    · Mitigation strategies

    · Challenges and opportunities for policy development in the natural hazards field

    · Future trends in planning for and managing natural hazards.

    The course also provides various opportunities to expand expertise in the context of natural hazards via a choice of elective units. These opportunities include units that provide skills in population, physical and/or economic geography, land use planning, risk management, and Geographic Information Systems applications.

    The course is offered full time or part time. It can be taken on-campus or by distance.

    Career Opportunities
    Environmental and town planning; Natural resource management; Emergency management; and Disaster insurance.

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