• Why study the Graduate Certificate in Arts at UNE?
    The Graduate Certificate in Arts is designed to enable graduates who wish to expand on their undergraduate program or who wish to change the direction of their focus and pursue studies in an area of personal interest.

    Students select a single major or area of study on which to focus their studies.

    Career Opportunities
    The Graduate Certificate in Arts allows you to refine your professional skills in an existing field of study or to develop a new area of expertise. Examples of careers that can be assisted through a Graduate Certificate in Arts include positions in public and private sectors, such as management and administration, foreign affairs, education, business, film and theatre and human resources.

    Employers often look for flexibility in their staff, expecting to retrain staff as work demands change. To meet this need, they tend to seek out people who are intellectually flexible, with analytical minds and good communication skills. Students in a Graduate Certificate in Arts are trained to acquire and process information, think independently, communicate their thoughts effectively and exercise initiative. These are skills that employers want.

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