• For more than twenty years, the ANU has been at the forefront of teaching environmental law at a postgraduate level, attracting students from around Australia and internationally.

    A graduate degree in Environmental Law will provide you with a sophisticated understanding of the law, and allow you to explore its origins and implementation, strengths and weaknesses. The Masters covers key areas of environmental law, from climate law to marine and coastal law, to commonwealth environmental law and environmental regulation. The courses examine the interrelationships between environmental law and policy, politics, economics, science and history. You will have the opportunity to study with many of Australia’s finest environmental lawyers and profoundly enhance your knowledge and credentials.

    An Environmental Law programs will suit you if you work in areas involving environmental management and environmental policy, within government or the private sector.

    It will also suit you if you have studied science, engineering, architecture, town planning or economics (or any non-law degree) and are currently working in employment where environmental law and its interaction with environmental policy and management are important.

    It you are seeking employment in an area or department where knowledge of environmental law in decision-making is important. And if you are a lawyer looking to specialise in environmental law.

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