• The complex and interconnected challenges of creating sustainable societies within a healthy global environment demand an integrative, holistic appreciation of environment and sustainability that requires a broad understanding of the world.

    This contemporary cross-disciplinary Honours degree prepares you to address the complex challenges of sustainability by providing a broad environmental education with a sound basis in theory and methods and a focus on hands-on applications and field-based, research-led learning. You will learn to link perspectives from the natural and social sciences with their applications in your chosen major in environmental science, sustainable natural resource management or sustainability studies; and can select from minors that range from biodiversity conservation, environmental policy, climate change and water resources to indigenous studies, international relations and development studies. In particular you will gain the research skills needed to develop new knowledge and insights in environment and sustainability.

    If you care about meeting the challenges and opportunities facing us this century this degree will prepare you for further Master or PhD research, and for an effective career in environment science, sustainable natural resource management and developing pathways to a sustainable future.

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