Confused? Worried? Check out these tips on how to choose the right university course!


How do you choose the right university, or the right degree? You have many different paths to take? You feel pressured to get this right, after all it’s a huge investment.

The truth is you need to weigh up some crucial factors.


  1. How will you cope with university life? Specifically, economically and in terms of housing?

Each university has a range of housing options. Make sure you look at each campus and discuss with the university what accommodation is available and what it will cost. Student accommodation is a great way to make new friends and find a rapport with other students from around the world. You however, need to determine your financial circumstances.



  1. Think about life beyond university.

As you commence your university adventure it can be overwhelming enough just picking the right course. It is a common mistake to be consumed by the course itself and not take a look at the bigger picture.

Imagine yourself going to work everyday in the real world doing what you have just qualified for. Look at real businesses and organisations and go and physically check them out. After all this is your end goal, but if you can’t envisage yourself working there are you really choosing the right career?

Remember, there are a lot of working hours that you will be performing in your chosen role. If you don’t feel happy about going to work in this field every day, you need to choose something different, something that you genuinely like to do.

This decision is not just about having an income…. although we all need that, its about actually maintaining the desire to get out of bed every day with a feeling of wanting to work in your chosen field. I can’t stress this point enough.



  1. Think about what you enjoy doing the most.

When you start on the journey towards a degree it can be daunting.

In choosing the right path it is helpful to consider what makes you happy. If there is something in this area of work that brings you happiness then it’s a great decision. If friends ask you about this topic and you have no problem talking excessively about it then that’s your first clue. It should be something you like to learn and read about, something you find fascinating and not something you are choosing because your parents want you to choose it.

It can be very pressurising to live up to everyone’s expectations and very hard to trust your inner voice.

Find some time alone and block out the noise traffic and ponder what you really want because its you that will doing the exams, papers and eventually the job.



  1. The Good News

The good news is, and this is coming from someone with two degrees and a lot of life experience.

All education is an absolute gift! You will never ever regret going to university and expanding your life. It is a great opportunity and you can adjust and hone your skills as you grow into the bright star you are meant to be.

There are no negatives to gaining an education. Grab it with open arms.



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