I moved to Canberra almost a decade go and the city seem to have changed a lot during this time. The city grows on you, it has something to offer for everyone and not just the political city. In my opinion, it is one of the best cities to raise a family or if you are student, it gives you the perfect surrounding to balance studies as well as social life.

In the last few years, there have been a number of events which have become a regular on the calendar for one and all to enjoy and the best part, its all free. Who says you can’t have fun without money, you sure can if you’re in Canberra. Here is it:

1.Parliament house, War Memorial, Lake Burley Griffin are the standard on everyone’s list of things to see when visiting Canberra.  There is no taking away from what these structures stand for, there is so much history in each of these places.

2.Mount Ainslie Lookout – It’s an ideal place if you want to enjoy the city’s beauty for free. If you are a fitness freak, you could actually take a hike the top of the lookout.

3.Multi-cultural festival – It is held in the month of February each year over a period of 3 days, celebrating the cultural diversity at the heart of city, involving hundreds of community groups and diplomatic missions.

4.Enlighten Festival, Night Noodle markets and Balloon Spectacular – The very popular 11 nights of laser design projections on the likes of National Library building, Old Parliament house building etc. celebrating the creativity.    And you can follow it up with a visit to the Noodle market and treat yourself to a range of amazing food from Bao buns to waffles, flying noodles to skewers and many more mouthwatering stalls. Canberra skies are filled with the view of hot air balloons floating around; flurry of colors and sound, best viewed from the lawns of Old Parliament house.

5.Gibraltar Falls – Of course Canberra has its very own waterfall; it’s just a few minutes’ drive to the south from the Corin road, an upstream from Woods reserve. It’s a hidden gem that you would like if you’re a nature lover.

6.Corin Forrest – Its not as pretty as the real snow but hey you still get to see in your Snow play and other activities come at a price but you have an option of free play outside. It’s not just limited to winter wonderland but it’s a great place for hikes, bush walking during summers.

7.Floriade –  this annual tulip flower show attracts thousands of tourists and locals alike, marking the beginning of Spring. Its all things colorful and bright.

8.Arboretum – It has a number of walks with varied and rare trees and kids’ playground, discovery garden, café and more. It is another place which have some of the best views of the skylines.

9.Sunrise and Sunsets – If you are true nature lover and chaser of sunrise and sunsets, this is the place to be. One of the best shots you’re camera can capture.

When was the last time you visited Canberra? And did you know that Canberra had all this to offer? Well, now you do so without wasting any more time, you should plan a trip and be part of some exciting events coming up.

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