Use that Calendar 

It may sound crazy after all the planning and activities you may have to do during this time, and you may be thinking – who’s got the time? You do. Use that calendar!

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What to Do in Brisbane on a Student’s Budget

Brisbane is a safe, affordable and welcoming place, where you can enjoy your stay even on a student’s budget.








 Choosing the right University: Your 5 step checklist

Picking the right university for your upcoming tertiary education can prove almost as nail biting as the exams themselves, with it setting up the rest of your life potentially. Luckily, through a handy 5 step checklist, you cannot go wrong.







Three Things to consider when choosing your course

So you’ve decided what you want to be when you “grow up”. You’ve had a browse of the different courses and providers available, but you can’t decide which course is the one for you.

It’s important that you choose the right course, because a course that suits your individual circumstances will ensure you have the most success. This will be different for everyone.





5 Tips to Stay Both Mentally & Physically Fit

Even if you’re an avid exerciser or fitness buff, it’s easy to use school work as an excuse to skip your regular workout routine—I know I did. The gym tends to be empty and the library packed—and the only muscle working would be the brain.    Here are 5 simple and helpful tips for those who want to get through finals week with an A (as in your final grade and Abs)!






FREE things to explore in Melbourne (‘The Education State’)

What happens after you land to your dream city?

-Have you made your travel bucket list?

-Do you know the budget friendly places to hang around?







Confused? Worried? Check out these tips on how to choose the right university course!

How do you choose the right university, or the right degree? You have many different paths to take? You feel pressured to get this right, after all it’s a huge investment.

The truth is you need to weigh up some crucial factors.






Managing a Full Time Job and a Dual Degree 

Many people ask me how I manage a full time job, full time study and still have time for myself. Which is why I decided to write this article, since I started university I’ve always had a job that related in some way to my studies. I made the decision to focus on a career, which I thought meant goodbye 7’s and no more social life.







Exchange Study: My Japan Story

Meeting new people and building long-lasting relationships are the highlight of my experience. I was quite the introvert prior going on this exchange, but after meeting a lot of new people and build a connection with them, I was able to break free of my shell and learn to be the new me that I’ve always wanted to be.







Which Job Suits You?

It is important before you launch into this next phase of your life you stop and ponder which direction you want to go. Some questions to ask yourself.








Following My Hypnotic Dream

My heart called for it since I was a child after seeing a cool guy on a TV show, I wanted to be a hypnotist. No matter what. That was just so cool!!!







The Five Steps of Law School

Congratulations! You have just been accepted into the school of Law at the university of your choice. There is so much to do before you begin the journey of a successful career within the legal industry. Here are just a few tips that will help you through your study at law school.






The 8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Uni
I know people keep saying that you are about to make some of the biggest decisions of your life, but from someone who has been there, done that (literally) and actually knows what your life, career and the job market are going to look like in 15 years’ time, you can relax, I promise. Yes, your decisions will change the course of your entire life, but this is what you really need to know right now.






My Student Life in Australia
Since Australia is a welcome country with the world top universities, there is no doubt I received the best quality of education…….








My University Experience: Dentistry
Attending university has helped me shape my career in many ways. Firstly, my course was vocational as I studied dentistry. After graduation, I was immediately registered with the Dental Board of Australia, so finishing university lead me straight into a practice. Without this degree, I would not have had as much job security.







Make the Most of your time by Studying Smart: Three effective ways to retain more in less time

University life is an incredible journey, in terms of both your professional and personal development. So, to help you make the most of your time at University, we suggest trying these three effective ways to study.







Making Friends at University
University is one of the easiest places to make friends. Thousands of peers take their classes every day, most of whom are open to meeting people. A majority of students don’t realize they’re not alone in all this, everyone feels at least a bit nervous, awkward and overwhelmed.







University Tools That Helped My Career
As young adults, we are always told that university degrees will “open doors”, “prepare you for the real world”, “set us up for a great career”. However, most of university graduates come out not knowing what their career path would look like …







FREE things to do in Sydney

As it goes, you don’t need all the money in the world to live a good life, you just need the right people around you in the right places. Having grown up in Sydney for 27 years and our family living on a low budget, we found free things that we could still have fun doing …



10 Absolutely Free Things To Do In Melbourne!

If you’re looking for the ultimate tourist’s guide around Melbourne or you’re more into staying away from the crowds and learning about some local spots, you’ve come to the right place. From the city centre to the gems of the outer suburbs, this article has got you covered.




Canberra – The little-known Treasure

Who says you can’t have fun without money, you sure can if you’re in Canberra. There have been a number of events which have become a regular on the calendar for one and all to enjoy and the best part, its all free.