Motto: Helping Students Choose the Right Course


To be the World’s most student-centric organisation, where students can get and share insights about universities and courses.


1. To give students a platform to get and share first-hand insights about universities and courses

2. To enable user-friendly search of tertiary course information



Right Course is an independent, non-profit oriented and student-centric organisation.

With the comprehensive information and user-generated reviews of uni & courses, we are helping students to make more informed and sustainable decisions when investing in their higher education.

1. We combine the summary info and reviews of the tertiary courses offered by all 42 Australian Universities, assisting students to make more informed decisions about study and career pathway.

2. We provide an effective online platform for students to search and compare courses through a user-friendly approach, including interactive Chatbot and map-driven search.

3. We facilitate review of the tertiary courses & university experience by current students/alumni, enabling students to have more insights about the courses and universities.

We look forward to collaborating with people who care about quality education.

Interested in collaborating with us or supporting this meaningful program? Email:

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