5 Tips to Stay Both Mentally & Physically Fit & Healthy



Even if you’re an avid exerciser or fitness buff, it’s easy to use school work as an excuse to skip your regular workout routine—I know I did. The gym tends to be empty and the library packed—and the only muscle working would be the brain.


Here are 5 simple and helpful tips for those who want to get through finals week with an A (as in your final grade and Abs)!


  1. Keep Hydrated

Keep a bottle or glass of water at bay while with studying. Dehydration impairs the full functioning of your brain—which is not desirable at this crucial time. This also avoids stress eating or snacking by being well quenched. Infuse your water with vegetables, fruits, or herbs such as cucumber, mint, lemon, berries, etc. for a refreshing taste!


  1. A Good Quality Sleep 

Studies claim that the average hours of sleep needed to improve memory is 8. A good quality of sleep (one that takes you through the different stages and not just lying down in bed worrying about the big exam ahead) will make you feel mentally and physically refreshed (for more studying) and keep you at a relaxed state while taking your tests. Having trouble sleeping well at night? Get some tips on how to get a good night’s sleep.


  1. Stock Up & Snack on Healthy Foods

When we want to maximize our awake-time and allot every second of it to studying, it’s easy to fall into the trap of grabbing fast food when hunger strikes. Similar with acing your finals, preparation is the key. Before you even start your study marathon, head to the Farmer’s Market and load up on fruits, veggies, nuts, and wholesome foods.

Slice your veggies into sticks, rinse and chops your fruits, pre-pack your nuts into small containers, and cook your meals for the week ahead. This will save you time from deciding what to eat or debating with yourself that you’ll only eat fast food once—which might eventually lead into a bad habit and an unhealthy lifestyle. We definitely do not want to face more (health) problems after just surviving finals week.


  1. Power Run > Power Nap

When you drink coffee, it takes about 10 to 45 minutes before it’s fully in effect. While waiting for the caffeine to kick in, go for a run instead of a power nap. Running is proven effective for neurogenesis for multiple reasons such as increased blood flood to the brain and elevated and retained happy-hormones. You’ll feel more focused mentally, energized and in the mood to study.


  1. Sit up straight, Stretch, Do Body Weight Exercises

The brain is a muscle so interval studying is the best method as it avoids the feeling of fatigue as opposed to continuous studying. Divide study time into 60-min blocks. Throughout your study time, be wary of your posture by sitting up straight and contracting core muscles in 30 second-intervals. In between study blocks, do a little bit of stretching (yoga poses) and body weight exercises such as 5-10 repetitions each of pushups, body weight squats, toe touches, and triceps dips using your study chair. Keep consistent at it and you might even develop abdominal muscles by the end of the week.


These are simple tips that does not require you to be an athlete nor a nerd to get through the finish line with flying colors—both in your studies and physical health.


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